aerops airport API

The aerops airport API provides an interface for creating baskets to be paid by pilots using the aerops app.


Endpoint for basket
Endpoint for documents{orderId}/document/{documentId}.
Full API specification.


All requests use Basic Authentication over HTTPS. Contact to get API credentials for your airport.


The basket API can be used in two different ways. Initiated by the pilot or initiated by the airport.

Pilot initiates payment via app

  1. Your airport software gets request with details about aircraft and pilot. status: pilot_requested
  2. Your airport software updates the basket for this pilot. status: airport_requested
  3. Pilot is notified and can pay basket in the app. status: paid

Airport initiates payment via GAT / API

  1. Basket is created in GAT/API for pilot to pay. status: airport_requested
  2. Pilot is notified and can pay basket in the app. status: paid
  3. After payment, an invoice can be uploaded via GAT/API, which is then automatically sent to the pilot. POST /document
external api

GET basket

status indicates whether this basket has been paid. The result can be filtered by status, limit and offset.
Example: /public/v2/airport/basket?limit=2&offset=1
Example: /public/v2/airport/basket?status=airport_requested,pilot_requested

PUT basket

Baskets with status="pilot_requested" can be updated with articles for the pilot to pay. If no status is provided, the baskets status is automatically updated to airport_requested. The pilot/app is notified as soon as the basket changes to airport_requested. Prices are always displayed as gross prices with tax included.

DELETE basket

Delete basket specified by ID. Only baskets with status="pilot_requested" or status="airport_requested" can be deleted.

GET document

GET (Document 1 of order with id 2):

POST document

POST (add invoice to order with id 2):
Invoices can be added to an order with POST. The pdf invoice needs to be uploaded as a multipart (application/pdf) element.
Depending on your HTTP library, your request may contain the following:

category values:
Value Description
landing Landing fee
parking Parking fee
approach Approach fee
fueling Fuel articles (articles with category "fueling" can use decimal quantities)
other everything else (articles with category "other" can use decimal quantities)

status values:
Value Description
pilot_requested Pilot has payment. Basket can now be filled by airport software.
airport_requested Basket has been updated by airport software. Can now be paid by the pilot via the app.
pilot_confirmed App as received the basket and is about to pay it. Changes to basket are no longer possible.
paid Basket has been paid by pilot. Updates to basket are no longer possible.

aircraftClass values:
id description
1 Aircraft
2 Rotorcraft
3 Airship
4 Sailplane
4 Glider
5 Motorglider
6 Balloon
7 Ultralight

aircraftCategory is currently not used.


  • added additionalInformation to basket.
  • added icao, typeEngine, nox, engineModel, numberEngines to aircraft.
  • Updated description for v2 basket API.