aerops API

The aerops API provides an interface for all landings/services processed by aerops.
The API can be used for:
  • creating articles in aerops.
  • creating a basket with products/services a pilot can pay (e.g. set refuelling costs to let the pilot pay via aerops-app).
  • keeping track of articles paid with aerops.
Full API specification.

Following endpoints are available:
Endpoint for articles
Enpoint for invoice line items


All requests use Basic Authentication over HTTPS. API credentials are displayed in aerops GAT.

GET/POST articles

PUT articles

All article fields can be updated.

GET/POST invoice-items

paymentStatus indicates whether this invoice-item has been paid. If the invoice-item has been paid with aerops, paymentStatus will be set to aerops.

PUT invoice-items

invoice-items can be updated to change paymentStatus.
For example:
If an invoice-item is paid in cash with your accounting software you can update its status:

The following table lists possible values for paymentStatus

paymentStatus description
preliminary pilot can view positions but can not yet make payment.
outstanding invoice-item is ready to be paid by pilot.
aerops invoice-item has been paid by pilot via aerops.
yourSoftwareName indicate that this invoice-item has been paid. It will no longer be displayed in aerops app.