aerops prices API

The aerops prices API can be used to list landingfees and fuel prices.


Get list of Airports:
Get prices for selected Airport and aircraft:


All requests use Basic Authentication over HTTPS. Please send an email to to request an api-key for the prices API.

GET airports

Get list of airports available in aerops.
Results can be filtered with limit and offset parameters. E.g /public/airports?limit=1&offset=1
If paymentEnabled is false, payment with aerops is not possible at this airport (price information may still be available).

GET prices

Request prices for EDDB with aircraft D-KSTD with aircraft attributes:
Supplied aircraft parameters will only be used if the aircraft is not registered in aerops. availableInAerops is true for registered aircrafts/airports.
aircraftChapter and noiseLevel can be omitted if the aircraft does not have a noise certificate.
For noise certificates aircraftChapter can be 6 or 10 for the respective ICAO Ann. 16 Vol1 Chapter.

ISO 639-1 codes are used to select translated results. E.g. append &lang=en to receive english results (by default german results are returned).
ID mapping for aircraftClass:

ID Name
1 Aircraft
2 Rotorcraft
3 Airship
4 Glider
5 Motorglider
6 Balloon
7 Ultralight

ID mapping for noiseClass:

ID Description
1 No noise certificate
2 With noise certificate (Flugzeuge mit Lärmzeugnis)
3 Increased Noise certificate (erhöhter Schallschutz)


  • Add field availableInAerops for each airport. Output currency for airport.
  • Update api to be able to get all price information in one api request.
  • Added currency and net/gross price to prices result.